Living for Today, Planning for Tomorrow.

Focal Point Financial Services is a broadly based independent financial service organization.  We specialize in helping you find and secure the appropriate plan in light of the changing economic, tax and financial environment. Our primary purpose is to consider you, our client, first. We strive to keep you informed and assist you with the proper decision that is consistent with your resources, objectives and risk tolerance levels.

We would be happy to review and explain your accounts to you and determine the appropriateness of your current portfolio.

Please call our main line at 651-426-7375 to schedule an appointment with Jason.





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Insurance - This is offered through many different insurance companies, depending upon the specific need of the client. Fixed and variable annuities, whole life, universal life, variable life and term life insurance are provided. Coverage includes health insurance, disability insurance, dental insurance and long-term care insurance. Assistance is given to employer-group plans and to individuals. Minnesota insurance license #26071.

Certificates of Deposit - FDIC insured savings certificates of various amounts and maturities are offered through third party financial institutions.